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5.2.4. Automatic control of level of oil

Fig. 4.33. Built-in sensor of oil: 1 – oil level sensor; 2 – a float with a magnet; 3 – socket; 4 – engine case; 5 – a control opening with a bimetallic plate

The control bulb of level of oil on the dashboard lights up in case the level of oil is on the lower third of the oil probe. to avoid wrong giving of a signal, signal transmission with delay is used. Besides, oil has to be rather liquid. The special sensor sideways of a case (fig. 4.33) controls oil level in the engine. The bimetallic plate below on the sensor of level of oil opens only at 60 °C. Only then oil level in the funneled sensor can change. This plate prevents giving of wrong signals at sharp turns.
At inclusion of ignition the control lamp lights up poorly (check of a bulb) and dies away at start of the engine.