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5.2.5. Check of operation of the sensor of level of oil

The control lamp of level of oil burns at the normal level of oil and the working engine:
1. Take out the oil level sensor socket.
2. An ohmmeter check contact between the sensor and "weight".
3. In the absence of contact remove and replace the sensor. If the contact on the sensor is, check conducting from the sensor to the dashboard.
4. If all conducting as it should be, then can be the cause of a malfunction defect in the dashboard.
The control lamp does not light up at inclusion of ignition: perhaps, the lamp fused. Replace it.
The control lamp does not light up at the working engine, temperature of oil is more than 60 has some and the level of oil is lower than the minimum mark:
1. Disconnect a wire from the sensor.
2. Check contact between the socket of the sensor and "weight". The break of a chain is possible.
3. If the lamp does not burn in spite of the fact that the contact on the sensor is broken off, so the lamp fused.
4. If there is no contact on the sensor, remove, check and if necessary replace the sensor.