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5.2.7. Replacement of oil and oil filter

When replacing oil it is necessary to change an oil filter. Install only the filter corresponding to the engine of your car!

Hot oil can become the burn reason. When twisting a drain stopper do not take out it sharply to avoid hit on fingers of the hot oil which is coming out under pressure

"15 000 km of 12 months"
1. Stop the engine and let's it cool down 10 min.
2. Establish props under car wheels.
3. Substitute capacity for collecting oil under a stopper.
4. Turn off a cover of an oil filter by means of SW36 key.

Fig. 4.35. Removal of a cover from the case of an oil filter

5. Uncover an oil filter (fig. 4.35).

Fig. 4.36. Removal of an oil filter

6. Remove an oil filter (fig. 4.36).

Fig. 4.37. Removal of protection of a case

7. Remove the lower protection of a case (fig. 4.37).

Fig. 4.38. Arrangement of a drain stopper: 1 – sensor of control of pressure of oil and ASSYST analyzer; 2 – drain stopper

8. Turn out a stopper of discharge of oil (fig. 4.38).
9. Merge oil completely in the substituted capacity. If the car was lifted on a jack only in front, lower it that the remained oil merged. The discharge will accelerate an open mouth of the gulf of oil.
10. Well clean and check a stopper of discharge of oil and a sealing washer.
11. After oil merges completely, again screw a discharge stopper (if necessary — with a new sealing washer) and tighten it with the moment of an inhaling of 25 N · m.
12. Lower the car.
13. Insert the new filter into the case.
14. Fasten a cover with new laying and tighten it.

Fig. 4.39. Oil filling

15. Fill in oil (fig. 4.39).
16. Launch the engine for a short time, the lamp of emergency pressure of oil will not go out yet — it means that oil filled the filter and went on the highway.
17. Stop the engine and wait 5 min. until oil flows down in a case.
18. Check oil level.
19. Check whether oil from under the filter or from under a drain stopper leaks.
20. Put into place protection of a case.