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5.2.9. Check of tightness of oil system

At operation there can be small oil spots on the surface of the engine. Engine oil at big fluctuations of temperature gets through a time of laying, but on emergence of oil pools it is necessary to pay special attention. It speaks about serious malfunctions which need to be eliminated immediately.
Possible places of a leakage:
1. Epiploons of a bent shaft: forward and back.
2. Gas distribution mechanism cover.
3. Bolt of fixing of a natyazhitel of a chain of management.
4. Cover of a head of the block of cylinders.
5. Laying of a head of the block.
6. Case of an oil filter.
7. Laying of a case.

"15 000 km of 12 months"
1. Remove protection of a case.
2. Examine the engine from above and from below. All engines tend to "oil fogging".
3. Look for big begin to flow oils on the engine or oil pools under the car after the parking.
4. Carefully wash up the engine by means of the steam-ejecting device and the corresponding detergents.
5. Make a trial trip.