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5.3.12. Replacement of hoses of the cooling system

If during a trip you find a rupture of a hose, try to eliminate it by means of an insulating tape or an adhesive tape. At the same time turn out a cover of a broad tank a little to reduce pressure in system and by that to reduce probability of breakdown or sliding of your slip. However this measure compelled therefore as soon as possible change a hose. Use only hoses, the corresponding models of the engine of your car.

1. Merge cooling liquid.
2. Weaken collars, remove a hose.

Fig. 4.52. Collars: 1, 2 – spring collars; 3 – the screw collar (is recommended)

3. If on a clip there is a fixed bracket, break off it and replace with a collar (fig. 4.52).
4. Unbend the stuck ends of hoses by means of the screw-driver. Insert the screw-driver between a hose and the union and careful roundabouts disconnect a hose.
5. Push against the stop a hose on the union in order to avoid its failure.
6. Do not tighten screw collars with the maximum force as carving hems can be deformed, and the collar will lose compression force.
7. Fill in cooling liquid.