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5.3.13. Radiator

   Removal of a radiator
Before installation of a radiator check it for tightness in a workshop. You carry out dismantle of a radiator on cars with the automatic transmission on STOA, it is necessary to muffle lines of cooling of a box. If there is an opportunity, then it is desirable to fill in new cooling liquid as the fulfilled liquid already contains slime and a metal crumb which can influence normal operation of the electric fan.

1. Disconnect the weights plug from the accumulator.
2. Remove protection of a case.
3. Merge cooling liquid.
4. Disconnect a hose from a radiator, previously having weakened and having removed a collar.
5. Uncover inlet system.

Fig. 4.53. Fastening of a radiator

6. At cars with the conditioner: remove a forward cross lattice, for this purpose turn off two plastic latches (fig. 4.53), having shifted them on 90 ° to the left (counterclockwise).
7. Take out upward holders (latches).
8. In the presence of the conditioner turn off a cross rack (five bolts). Remove draft of the lock of a cowl and take out a rack.
9. Release holders and remove the air duct from a radiator.
10. At the conditioner unscrew the condenser from a radiator and fix by a wire, previously having muffled hoses.
11. Take out a radiator up.
12. Check wear of hoses.

Fig. 4.54. Radiator elements: 1 – fan casing; 2 – radiator; 3 – rubber pillows; 4 – air duct; 5 – spring holders (latches)

13. You carry out installation in the return sequence (fig. 4.54).