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5.3.14. Air filter

The soaked-up air passes through the air filter consisting of the case which is also called by a damper of the forced gases, and actually the filter from corrugated material.
Thanks to rubber consolidation the filter densely adjoins to the case. When passing via the filter in its folds from finely porous material small particles of dirt are deposited, and larger particles are besieged in the case.
The filter well performs the function only when regularly look after it. The littered filter passes insufficient amount of air in the engine. Mix becomes fat, power falls and fuel consumption increases.
   Cleaning and replacement of the filter
It is necessary to clean the filter at least once a year, and to replace — in two years. The filter type for your Mercedes of the E-class is described in documentation, you can also recognize him in specialized shops of sale of spare parts for foreign cars. It is not obligatory to buy the original spare filter, filters of other producers are also suitable for use.

"60 000 km are 2 years old"

Fig. 4.55. Locks of fastening of a cover of the air filter

1. Remove the top part of a damper of forcing of air. Open six latches on a delivery pipe of the measuring instrument (fig. 4.55) of the given air and remove a collar.

Fig. 4.56. Assessment of extent of pollution of the filter

2. Take out the filter (fig. 4.56).

Fig. 4.57. The place of a congestion of dirt in the filter case

3. Clean the case of the filter (fig. 4.57). The oil congestion in dirt indicates wear of the engine or excess amount of oil in system.
4. Beat out the paper filter about a firm surface. Remove large particles of dirt.

Fig. 4.58. Cleaning of the filter

5. Remove smaller dirt by means of compressed air (fig. 4.58). Direct a stream of air sideways along filter folds.
Do not blow the filter outside inside. Do not clear the paper filter liquid.
6. When changing the filter pay attention to that consolidation well adjoined to the lower part of the case of the filter.
7. Insert the new filter into the lower part of a damper. Pay attention to that rubber consolidation well adjoined.
8. Check consolidation on the top part of a damper. If necessary replace.

Fig. 4.59. Installation of a sealing ring on a delivery pipe of a flowmeter of air

9. Put on the top part of the case a delivery pipe, put on the lower part, put on a delivery pipe the union and tighten a collar (fig. 4.59).

   Removal of a damper of forcing of air

1. Pick up the absorption phone from a damper. For this purpose turn off a collar.
2. Lift a damper from rubber laying and take out from a motor compartment.
3. At installation of a damper pay attention to correctness of landing of pins of the case on a rubber substrate.