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5.3.4. Index of level of cooling liquid

At the included ignition and the switched-off engine the control lamp on the dashboard burns low (control of a lamp). If the level of cooling liquid is normal, then at start of the engine the lamp dies away. If the lamp continues to burn brightly — there is not enough cooling liquid.

Fig. 4.43. Broad tank: 1 – safety ring; 2 – laying; 3 – sensor; 4 – a float with the lever

The control system works from the floating sensor installed in a broad tank (fig. 4.43). If cooling liquid is not enough, the contact becomes isolated.
The fused lamp, breakage of the sensor or break of conducting can be the cause of faulty work.
If at inclusion of ignition the control lamp does not light up, perhaps, it fused.
If the lamp is not switched off at start of the engine, but the level of cooling liquid normal, so is faulty the sensor. It can be checked, having disconnected contact from the sensor. If the lamp went out — the sensor is faulty. Remove the sensor, check a float and other elements. Replace the sensor.

Loss of cooling liquid
If during the movement a large amount of cooling liquid leaves, surely fill its loss, as a last resort use water for this purpose.
At a big difference of temperatures (cold water — the hot engine) the head of cylinders can warp. When receiving so-called "cold shock" the block of the engine can give a microcrack. Therefore before the gulf of liquid let's the engine cool down and as soon as possible find out the reason of loss of cooling liquid.