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5.3.5. And having added control of level cooling liquid

"Daily service"
1. Check the level of cooling liquid on the cold engine — the cooling system is not under pressure.

Fig. 4.43. Broad tank: 1 – safety ring; 2 – laying; 3 – sensor; 4 – a float with the lever

2. At the cold engine level has to reach a dividing fold between the top and lower parts of a tank (fig. 4.43). At the same time the float of the sensor holds the top position. On the hot engine the level of liquid rises above.

Fig. 4.44. Having added cooling liquid before marking (arrow)

3. For a doliv of liquid open a jellied mouth (fig. 4.44). At the hot engine take a cover a dense rag and open slowly to balance pressure of hot liquid with external. If you too quickly open a cover, liquid under pressure will throw out from a mouth.
4. Do not add liquid above a dividing fold of a broad tank, cooling liquid when heating will extend and surplus will throw out it outside.