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5.4.10. Switching off of the engine

   Valve of switching off of the engine (TNVD of distributive type)
The switching off valve on TNVD serves for termination of work of the engine. It consists of the magnetic core with dense landing and a returnable spring. When on the coil there is no 12-volt tension from the EVE control unit, the spring densely presses the core to a seat, supply of fuel mix stops, and fuel is not injected into the combustion chamber any more. After that the control unit controls the actual stop of the engine. If the engine does not work, then opened there is only a protection against an overstrain of providing system of injection. If the engine continues to work, it is switched off by means of the regulator of amount of fuel, and data on malfunction of the valve of a stop are entered in memory of the computer.
   Vacuum stop of the engine (line TNVD)

Fig. 4.78. The electrohydraulic switch (it is shown by an arrow)

At turn of the ignition key in the provision of switching off the electrohydraulic switch (fig. 4.78) is activated which works from the depression created by the vacuum pump. At a stop from the control unit tension is transferred to the coil, it tightens the core back, and both valves are switched off. The fuel pump begins to give fuel on the roundabout highway back to the fuel tank. At the same time the lath of TNVD comes back to a starting position, and the engine stops.