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5.4.12. Removal of nozzles

1. Remove the cross soaking-up air duct and a casing of nozzles.

Fig. 4.80. Nozzle arrangement: 1 – nozzle; 2 – cap union; 3 – the pipeline of supply of fuel to a nozzle; 4 – pipeline of removal of excess fuel; 5 – oil separator of system of ventilation of a case

2. Turn off a fuel-supply line from the dismantled nozzle (fig. 4.80).
3. Disconnect pipelines of removal of excess fuel.
4. Turn out a nozzle by means of a tubular key.
5. Pay attention to adjusting washers, at a vyvertyvaniye they can remain in a nozzle nest. According to recommendations of the producer, at installation of a nozzle of a washer have to be replaced with new.
6. Establish each nozzle on its place and tighten by effort 70–80 N · m.
7. Tighten pipelines to nozzles by effort of 10-15 N · m.