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5.4.13. Dismantling of nozzles

When dismantling it is necessary to pay attention to adjusting washers by which the identical pressure of injection for steady operation of the engine is established. This adjustment complicates a little repair as, despite simplicity of installation of the case of a spray and needle, installation on pressure demands special control in a workshop or in service of the Bosch service. Only in urgent cases, to pass several kilometers, it is possible to neglect adjustment of pressure of injection after replacement of a needle and the case of a spray.

1. For dismantling of a nozzle clamp it for the top hexagon in a vice, at the same time be careful not to damage unions of the drain pipeline. Turn off a key of a part of a nozzle from each other.

Fig. 4.81. Nozzle elements: 1 – lower part of a nozzle; 2 – nozzle case; 3 – nozzle needle; 4 – holder of a needle; 5 – nozzle piston; 6 – spring; 7 – adjusting washer; 8 – top part of a nozzle

2. By means of a brass brush carefully clear of a deposit the case 2 (fig. 4.81) and a needle 3 sprays.
3. Check density of landing of a needle: if to place the spray case in the purified fuel, then the needle under the influence of the weight has to rise densely on the place.
4. After the correct assembly of a nozzle wrap it in a head of cylinders with effort of 70-80 N · m.