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5.4.14. Accelerator pedal drive

If the pedal just "jams", grease and "cease to want" it. After each wash of the engine surely grease a rod of a pedal and the drive. You carry out adjustment of management of supply of fuel and installation of regulation of pressure for models with the automatic transmission on STOA.

   Adjustment of the drive of a pedal of an accelerator

Fig. 4.82. Accelerator drive: 1 – pedal drive; 2 – adjusting nut; 3 – basic nest; 4 – the fixing bracket; 5 – returnable spring; 6 – sensor lever yoke limiter; 7 – the lever of the sensor of the set values; 8 – the sensor of the set values; 9 – sharovy hinge of turn of the sensor

1. Open a cowl. Check the sensor drive course for a free wheeling. In case of bad operation replace the corresponding details (fig. 4.82).
2. The rotary lever of the sensor has to adjoin freely to the limiter, and at the same time there should not be a side play from an accelerator pedal.
3. Press a pedal till the moment until the rotary lever reaches the limiter.
4. Turn the limiter in the opposite direction before fixing.
5. On cars with AKP: press an accelerator pedal against the stop.
6. Install by an adjusting nut the lever so that it freely adjoined to the limiter.
7. Release a pedal. Adjust a nut behind a pedal so that the lever laid down on the limiter.

   Adjustment of full gas on an accelerator pedal

Fig. 4.83. Accelerator pedal emphasis: 1 – emphasis; 2 – limiter

1. Rotation dismiss an emphasis of full gas 1 (fig. 4.83) under a pedal of an accelerator to the left and release a limiter 2 bolt a little.
2. Slowly press an accelerator pedal until in a motor compartment the rotary lever of the sensor lays down on the limiter.
3. In this situation rotate an emphasis of full gas before fixing it with a pedal to the right.

   Replacement of the drive of an accelerator

Fig. 4.84. Accelerator pedal details: 1 – a rubber tip, 2 – the pedal lever, 3 – an adjusting nut, 4 – the lock, 5 – a pedal, 6 – the limiter of full gas (at the automatic transmission — the kick-down switch)

1. Remove a head of the spherical hinge from the lever of the sensor of the set values (fig. 4.84).
2. Release holders of a cable of management.
3. Remove a covering around pedals.
4. Remove a cable of management from an accelerator pedal.
5. Pull out a cable outside from salon. At the same time do not pull out a rubber cuff on the case.
6. Take out a cable from a motor compartment.
7. Before installation of a cable check rubber details and if necessary replace them.
8. Grease a cable and details of the lever.
9. Put a cable into place.