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5.4.3. Power setting

Start-up. Irrespective of the provision of a pedal of an accelerator, but depending on temperature the engine receives various amount of fuel at start. From 600 min.-1 (depending on temperature of cooling liquid) it is possible to regulate turns an accelerator pedal. The temperature of cooling liquid is higher, the smaller amount of fuel is required on start.
Idling mode. The sensor of provision of a bent shaft depending on speed transmits signals to the control unit which compares the set and flowing values and regulates the number of supply of fuel.
The mode of the set turns. Its task — to prevent vibration at the movement. At the same time depending on speed the sensor of provision of a bent shaft regulates smoothness of supply of fuel, thereby avoiding "indignations" from change of speed of the engine. The amount of injectable fuel for each cylinder separately changes so that "quiet" power setting is again set. However at the same time the speed of idling remains to constants.
Mode of full loading. Before mechanically created maximum supply of fuel the amount of injectable fuel is limited a little that provides smooth acceleration. The number of supply of fuel is also limited at faulty system of injection (EDC lamp burns).
The engine goes to "rating". In this mode the control unit, receiving the corresponding signals, immediately stops fuel supply.
Control of the compressor. At low turns of the engine (less than 1100 min.-1) and engine loading more than 90% the compressor of the conditioner is quickly switched-off that all power was used on payload. Normal operation of the compressor requires about 9 kW.