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5.4.6. Inlet collector of changeable length

At the 6-cylinder engine on model E 300 Diesel the inlet collector of changeable length is established. By means of two mobile gates in system of absorption it is possible to change the frequency of fluctuations of the passer and the forced air that exerts direct impact on the size of torque of the engine. Thanks to both gates at such system three various modes of pass of air are created. Gates have the pneumatic drive from vacuum chambers. Discharge moves via electrovalves to the corresponding camera. Electrovalves are operated from the monitor.
When forcing air pistons create strong depression which at open inlet valves causes the movement of air in system of absorption. If inlet valves are suddenly closed, then air "spruzhinivat" back — in the pipeline of absorption there is a fluctuation. Its frequency depends on length of the pipeline of absorption, speed of the engine and phases of gas distribution of the engine. If fluctuations are included into a resonance, a certain effect of forcing is reached. By means of gates it is possible to create resonance conditions in the wide range of turns.
1. At speed up to 2550 min.-1 both gates are closed, air volume in system of absorption can fluctuate on the site to the valve of management of pressure.

Fig. 4.74. Inlet collector of changeable length of the Diesel E300 model: 1, 2 – gates; 3 – inlet system; 4 – inlet collector

2. From 2550 to 3350 min.-1 open the gate 1 (fig. 4.74), fluctuations stop on the gate 1.
3. At speed more than 3350 min.-1 gates 1 and 2 open, fluctuations reach an inlet collector.
These switchings are used only in the mode of full loading of the engine. That at partial loading to achieve low consumption of fuel and pure combustion, other combinations of frequencies of volumes of air and speed are necessary. Therefore to settlement timepoint electronic control activates as the operating valve, and return of the fulfilled gases.