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5.4.7. Nozzles

Nozzles are established in the top part of a head of the block of cylinders and intended for supply of fuel in the cylinder (forkamer). The needle of a nozzle rises with a pressure in the lower part of a nozzle from 115 to 125 bars and opens the channel in a spray. The powerful spring of a nozzle provides full closing of the channel of dispersion for an exception of the return emission of the camera. Cooling and lubricant of a needle are carried out by fuel. For withdrawal of surplus of fuel (so-called "obratka") two short hoses are connected to a nozzle.
   Vortex injection
Nozzles with vortex injection are applied to improvement of efficiency of process of combustion. Thanks to it emission of not burned down products decreased at diesel engines on average by 40% without deterioration in other characteristics.
It is reached forkamery with indirect injection of fuel. Along with the direction of injection an important role is played by the directing channel which is built in in a forkamer special thanks to which form and an arrangement the air compressed the cylinder and arriving in a forkamer forms strictly vortex stream. In the direction of a stream at an angle 5 ° fuel is injected. The glow plug is located in the descending part of a stream and does not interfere with the combustion process.