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5.5.1. Fuel tank

Fig. 4.85. An arrangement of the fuel tank on the sedan

Fig. 4.86. An arrangement of the fuel tank on the versatile person

The fuel tank of Mercedes of the E-class is made of steel and located behind a back seat (fig. 4.85), at versatile persons — is slightly farther, under the luggage compartment (fig. 4.86). Depending on car model the capacity of a tank is various. So, the tank of the sedan contains 65 l, and the versatile person's tank – 70 l of diesel fuel, and about 8 l are made by a reserve.
The fuel reserve sensor is installed on the top side of a tank.
Pipelines of a supply and removal of fuel pass under the car bottom to the engine. They are made of material, strong on pressure, and supplied with the terminal or screwing-up collars.
   System of ventilation
Ventilation of a tank that depression was not created is important for reliable supply of fuel. When filling the tank has to leave enough air. Besides, the tank has to be cooled. Tubes of giving and removal of air are entered into the jellied union of a tank. The tube of removal of air is connected to a broad tank which connects and condenses the coming-out fuel vapors.