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5.5.3. Heat exchanger

Fig. 4.87. Heat exchanger: 1 – branch; 2 – supply of cold fuel; 3 – thermostat; 4 – thermostat casing; 5 – head of the block of cylinders; And – diesel fuel; In – cooling liquid

The heat exchanger (fig. 4.87) is built in the cooling system and fixed on bolts sideways on a head of cylinders. It ensures reliable functioning of the diesel engine even at temperatures below -25 °C. Depending on position of the regulator of the thermostat of the cooling system fuel is brought via the heat exchanger. At a temperature of cooling liquid below +18 °C all fuel goes via the heat exchanger, from + 18 to + 30 °C — the mixing mode joins, and at more high temperatures fuel does not pass through the heat exchanger.