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5.5.7. Fuel

The diesel Mercedes engine needs diesel fuel with cetane number 45. Cetane number (CZ) – the characteristic of an inflammability of fuel.
Diesel fuel contains a number of additives.
The ignition accelerator together with cetane number raises an inflammability.
Inhibitor of oxidation improves stability of fuel at storage.
The defoaming agent prevents formation of foam at the gulf of fuel.
Anti-smoke. Thanks to catalytic influence there is a full combustion of particles of carbon.
Surfactant reduces deposits in system of injection.
The additive improving conductivity prevents formation of electrostatic charges.
Deactivators of metals are necessary for deactivation of the ions of copper operating as oxidation catalysts.
The anti-thickener improves fluidity on cold (filterability, ability to emit wax).
Fragrances have to neutralize a characteristic smell.
The anti-deposit reduces temperature of formation of soot and a deposit in filters for particles of the fulfilled gases.
Biozida prevent growth of bacteria.
Additives for protection against wear improve lubricant of the fuel pump.

Winter diesel fuel
The fuel supply system is equipped with preliminary heating.
During the winter period it is possible to add additive to diesel fuel:
1. Autol Desolite D/DW, LM Fliessfit, Valvoline Winterfit or Veedol Diesel Aktiv.

For the fuel freezing at –22 °C, additional quantities of an anti-thickener only in exceptional cases give positive effect.

How to save fuel
Accelerate smoothly, but as soon as possible switch to the following transfer. On reaching desirable speed switch to the highest transfer and do not press an accelerator pedal. The engine has to work at big turns only when overtaking or at the movement in a stream.

2. Additive of the gasoline which is not containing lead. But it worsens an inflammability. If fuel is used summer (from 0 to -15 °C) and usual winter (from-15 to -25 °C), then it is recommended to add no more than 30% of usual gasoline. In terms of the full fuel tank (65 l) it will make at most 19 l of gasoline. If temperature does not reach the specified negative values, then it is necessary to add respectively less gasoline. Of course, the engine will use such mix uneconomically, it is worse to be started. Besides, the course of the engine will be more rigid. Respectively a little loads of engine details will increase. Therefore as soon as temperature will allow, fill in diesel fuel again.