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5.6.1. Service life of system of production of the fulfilled gases

Service life of system of production of the fulfilled gases depends on service conditions. At the movement generally on short distances in system condensate, soot and aggressive acids is more formed, than at the movement on long distances with well heated-up engine.
1. The final collector with the catalyst is least of all subject to corrosion in comparison with other parts as there pass the fulfilled gases with temperatures from +800 °C to +1000 °C.
2. In the resonator and the muffler exhaust gases are strongly cooled, their temperature reaches +150... +300 °C. In the muffler most of all condensate accumulates. It mixes up from the remains of combustion of fuel to aggressive acids which "eat" muffler metal from within.
3. Forward knots of an exhaust system can be damaged under the influence of temperature tension at long trips when on hot metal the rain gets. At the same time material can become torn or break.
4. Splashes of water and liquids for processing of roads promote corrosion outside in the winter. Blows of stones or about the firm earth also reduce system service life, as well as fluctuations at the damaged system of a suspension bracket of the muffler.