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5.6.3. Check of a condition of system of production of otrabotavshy gases

The final collector is strongly connected to the muffler by means of bolts and nuts. Under the bottom the muffler keeps on a suspension bracket from strong rubber.

"30 000 km every year"

Fig. 4.100. Rubber suspension bracket of the muffler

1. Check all rubber details of a suspension bracket of the muffler (fig. 4.100) for gaps, cuts and other damages, if necessary replace. For check slightly pull the muffler on suspension brackets down.
2. Check durability of the bolt connection on muffler flanges.
3. Stop up with a rag the final end of the muffler. The engine has to decay soon. If you hear the rustling sound and the engine continues to work, then system of release not as it should be.
4. Very loud sound and a roar at a start of motion indicate the rusted muffler.

Fig. 4.101. Elastic connection in front of the muffler

5. Check for wear elastic connection in front of the muffler (fig. 4.101).
6. Carefully tap all system of release from a collector the hammer. If at blow by the hammer a sound ringing, then metal as it should be. If in some places a sound more deafly — these places are subject to corrosion and can rust soon.