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5.6.4. Replacement of system of production of the fulfilled gases

At 6-cylinder engines system double, with double sections. However an order of works same, as well as on usual system. For replacement of separate knots and details follow appropriate sections. Take care of acquisition of new fixture, and also of a stock of rubber suspension brackets, laying and other. At installation of knots of system pay attention to density of connections.

1. Reliably put the car on a jack.

Fig. 4.102. Fastening of a case (big arrow) and transmission case (little shooters)

2. Remove from below a casing of the engine and transmission (fig. 4.102).
3. Disconnect forward section from a flange.
4. Remove fixture of forward section (two nuts).
5. Remove system from a suspension bracket. Here you need the assistant to support.
6. Carefully remove the muffler not to damage the catalyst.
7. Before installation clean off connections of the muffler from a raid and soot.
8. Threaded connections brush with a wire bristle and oil special.
9. If the system was dismantled completely, previously connect all its parts, without delaying strongly connection.
10. Fix system on suspension brackets before delaying all fastenings. Check that the distance from system of release to other parts of the car made at least 25 mm.
11. All bolts twirl with effort of 20 N · m.
12. Make a trial trip. The system of production of the fulfilled gases should not hit at the movement of the car. The roar and a roar indicate a banner of connections.

Fig. 4.103. A collar between a forward and back part of the muffler

13. After a system hinge plate under the bottom of the car tighten a collar between a forward and back part of the muffler (fig. 4.103).

Fig. 4.104. Fastening of a forward part of the muffler on the transmission

14. Fastening of a forward part of the muffler on the transmission can be used after removal of a cover for orientation of system of release (fig. 4.104). For this purpose turn off both bolts (big shooters) and shift respectively fastening. Tighten muffler bolts (little shooters) after alignment.

Fig. 4.105. Bolts of flanges on a final collector

15. After alignment of all system it is possible to tighten bolts (fig. 4.105) of flanges (shooters, are visible only two) on a collector of exhaust gases.
16. Then again weaken collars (carefully on hot pipes) and again level system.

Utilization of the catalyst
The fulfilled catalysts contain precious metals which can be recuperated. Services of the Mercedes-Benz service accept the fulfilled catalysts in exchange for new with surcharge. It is impossible to open a catalyst casing — highly toxic substances contain inside.