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6.2.7. Check of a condition of oil in the engine

Check oil level after every second filling with gasoline. If the engine old, with the raised oil consumption, makes sense to check oil level at each fuelling to a full tank.

"Before each trip"
1. Before launch of the engine check oil level on the cold engine. The car has to stand horizontally. If you want to check oil after a trip, wait 5 min. that all oil flew down in a case.
2. Take out the probe. Be carefully at measurement on the heated-up engine: the details located close to the engine very hot. Wipe the oil probe with a pure rag. Against the stop thrust the probe in a nest, wait a little and, having taken out it, again check level.

Fig. 5.21. The difference between marks in the probe corresponds to the volume of 2 l

3. If the level of oil is on the probe between tags (fig. 5.21), then everything is all right. Oil should be added only if its level approaches the mark "minimum". The zone between marking "minimum" and "maximum" corresponds to the volume of 2 l. For a doliv of oil use a pure funnel.
Add oil so that its level was below the mark "maximum" (the top tag). Excess of oil in the engine under certain conditions can be soaked up through ventilation of a case in the air filter, strongly littering it.