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6.2.8. Replacement of oil and oil filter

   Independent replacement of oil
You have to fill in only the oil recommended by the this manual bought at bus station or in specialized shop. When replacing oil it is necessary to change an oil filter. Install the filter corresponding to the engine of your car.
   Replacement of oil by service stations
It is better to make replacement of oil at bus station where there is a special unit. Advantage of its application consists that it "washes out" a case, and when replacing oil independently, having even replaced an oil filter, you will not be able to clear completely a case of slime, and oil will have all the same additives.
At stations offer oil of expensive brands therefore it is better to buy it in advance.

"15 000 km are 1 year old"
Oil discharge
1. Stop the engine warmed up to the working temperature, let's it cool down 10 min. It is better to merge old engine oil in the warmed look.

Hot oil can become the burn reason. Unscrewing a drain stopper, do not take out it sharply to avoid hit on fingers of the hot oil which is coming out under pressure.

2. Lift the car and install it on supports in horizontal position.
3. Remove the lower casing of a motor compartment.
4. Substitute under a drain stopper capacity for oil discharge.

Fig. 5.22. Stopper of a drain opening of the oil pallet

5. Turn off a stopper of a drain opening of the oil pallet and completely merge old oil (fig. 5.22). Open a mouth of the gulf of oil, it will accelerate discharge.
6. Clear and check a stopper.
7. After discharge of oil wrap a stopper of a drain opening, having established new sealing laying. Stopper inhaling moment: with a diameter of a carving of M12 – 30 N · m, with a diameter of M14 – 25 N · m.
8. Turn off a cover of an oil filter by means of SW74 key.

Fig. 5.23. Removal of an oil filter: 1 – cover of an oil filter; 2 – the filtering element; 3 – sealing ring

9. Uncover 1 (fig. 5.23) of an oil filter together with the filtering element 2. Utilize a replaceable element.
Oil filling
10. Lower the car.
11. Insert the new filter into the case.
12. Wrap a cover with new laying.
13. Fill in the oil recommended by the this manual in the volume specified in tab. 5.4 and wrap a mouth cover. Launch the engine for a short time until the lamp of emergency pressure of oil goes out. It means that oil filled the filter and went on the highway.

The table 5.4 Volume of the oil which is filled in in the engine

A large amount of oil is also harmful to the engine, as well as small.

Fig. 5.24. Check of level of oil: 1 – index of level of oil

14. For final check stop the engine and wait 5 min. until oil flows down in a case. After that check oil level, having taken out the masloizmeritelny probe (fig. 5.24).
15. Check whether oil from under the filter or a drain stopper leaks.
16. Put into place protection of a case.