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6.3.4. Additional electric fan

If on your car the conditioner is installed, then before a radiator two fans connected with each other by means of a maple belt are installed, and the fan is supplied at the left with an electric motor from which the right fan also works.

Cooling system knots
Water pump. The water pump of centrifugal type forces to circulate cooling liquid on the cooling system
Radiator. All models are made of light metal. The radiator consists of two tanks connected the friend to a set of thin-walled tubes. For increase in the cooled surface between tubes the plates put by an accordion which collect excess heat are inserted and give it to a counter flow of air. The radiator fastens on the top and lower cross-pieces.
Thermostat. This regulator depending on temperature operates contours of circulation of cooling liquid.
At a temperature up to +85 °C the valve on the thermostat blocks access to a radiator, and cooling liquid circulates on the closed contour (engine).
At a temperature from +85 to +100 °C the thermostat partially opens pass of cooling liquid to a radiator. Pass to the water pump remains to a greater or lesser extent open. Cold liquid from a radiator gradually mixes up with warm cooling liquid before getting to the engine.
The valve of the thermostat is completely open at a temperature over 100 °C, in this case all cooling liquid passes through a radiator.
Broad tank. The necessary amount of the cooling liquid circulating in the cooling system is added to it. The excessive pressure created in a broad tank is leveled by the reducing valve which is in a tank cover.
Radiator fan. It is intended for more effective cooling of a radiator with air. Depending on type of the engine and a complete set of the car the fan with viskomufty or the electric fan is installed.