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6.4.1. Security measures at work with a control system of the engine

The fuel system is under pressure. Therefore in places of a rassoyedineniye of elements of fuel system previously put pure rags then weaken the place of fastening to reduce pressure in system.
It is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:
– do not touch and do not remove wires of high voltage at the working engine, and also at a provorachivaniye of a bent shaft a starter;
– disconnect and attach pipelines of a power supply system, wire of system of ignition, and also measurement devices only at the switched-off ignition;
– to works with electronic systems of ignition the admission of people with a stimulator of heart failure is forbidden;
– in primary windings of coils of ignition tension of 400 Century. In order to avoid "breakdowns" of tension provide reliable contact of holders of coils of ignition;
– when checking a compression in cylinders there should not be a fuel injection.
Before repair and adjusting work it is necessary to connect the device to the diagnostic socket and to consider codes of malfunctions, and also to check tightness of all vacuum connections regarding a possibility of a suction of additional air.
Replace collars new, with the pulling together screw.
For ensuring normal operation of devices tension of onboard network has to be not less than 11,5 Century.
If after repair the engine is launched for a short time and then stops, blocking by anticreeping system of the control unit can be the cause. In this case it is necessary to consider codes of malfunctions and to coordinate them with the control unit. This work should be performed in specialized auto repair shop.