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6.5.1. System of ventilation of the fuel tank

In order that fuel from a tank was spent in necessary quantity, air has to come to it. Otherwise in a tank depression would be created, and supply of fuel would stop. Besides, the tank has to be cooled constantly that fuel when heating could extend. When fuelling the tank has to leave enough air that the filled-in fuel was not splashed out from a jellied mouth. The tube of removal of air is connected to a broad tank which connects and condenses the coming-out fuel vapors. When heating fuel it extends, its certain volume gets to a broad tank.

Careful treatment of fuel
The treatment of fuel demands extra care. You should not trifle of service or repair of a power supply system. First of all after careful consideration you approach a question of discharge of fuel from a tank. Secure yourself and people around:
– disconnect a wire of "weight" from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery and reliably isolate battery plugs;
– do not merge fuel from a tank indoors. For discharge you need the corresponding device (for example, a hose with the compressed pear). Do not merge fuel through an opening of the fuel level sensor at all or sucking away a mouth through a hose — poisoning with highly toxic additives is possible;
– put at hand distance the foamy fire extinguisher in full readiness;
– do not merge fuel from a tank in a viewing ditch – fuel vapors together with air can form explosive mix;
– be convinced that indoors there are no switched-on electric devices, open sources of fire, heat and radio waves;
– pour fuel only in the closed capacities. For this purpose there are special fireproof capacities with a valvate cover;
– the empty fuel tank is the collection of vapors of fuel. Be careful with it — there is a danger of explosion