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6.5.4. Removal and installation of the fuel level sensor


Make sure that in operating time indoors there are no switched-on electric devices, the heated objects, open sources of fire, heat and radio waves. Provide good ventilation of a workplace as vapors of fuel are toxic. The fuel system is under pressure. At a detachment of its elements fuel spraying is possible — bring together him by a rag. Perform works in goggles.

1. Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.

At a wire detachment from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery in memory devices the codes entered into them, for example a code of radio are erased.

2. If the fuel tank is full, pump out from it about 8 l of fuel by means of the compressed pear, having lowered a hose in a bulk mouth.

Fig. 5.45. Removal of facing in the luggage compartment: 1, 3 – a clip; 2 – a bag for skis; 4 – screw

3. Remove in the luggage compartment facing at the wall separating the luggage compartment from salon. For this purpose disconnect a clip of 3 (fig. 5.45), unscrew the screw.
4. If there is a bag 2 for skis, disconnect it and shift up. Do the same operations on the other side of the car.

Do not disconnect a clip 1.

For T-model:
5. Remove a floor covering of the luggage compartment.

Fig. 5.46. Removal of the fuel level sensor: 1 – contact socket; 2 – groove

6. Disconnect the contact socket 1 (fig. 5.46) from the fuel level sensor.

Fig. 5.47. The sketch of a key for an otvorachivaniye of a cover of the fuel level sensor

7. Unscrew the fuel level sensor, having turned a cover to the left.

Auto repair shops when performing this operation use a special key. However such key can be made independently. The sketch of a key is shown in fig. 5.47.

8. Take out the fuel level sensor together with a sealing ring.
9. Install the sensor with a new sealing ring, having oiled it engine.
10. Wrap a cover by means of a special key.
11. Connect the contact socket 1.
12. Establish facing of the luggage compartment.