6.5. Power supply system

System of ventilation of the fuel tank
Discharge of fuel from the fuel tank
Dismantle of fuel-supply lines and hoses of a power supply system
Removal and installation of the fuel level sensor
Removal and installation of the fuel pump
Removal and installation of the air filter

The power supply system includes the fuel tank with an absorber, the fuel pump and fuel-supply lines, the fuel filter and system of injection with the air filter. In the fuel tank the fuel level sensor settles down. The fuel tank is ventilated through the closed system of ventilation. The fuel vapors which are formed in the fuel tank are caught in an absorber, then move in an inlet collector of the engine and further in cylinders. The fuel pump with the fuel filter is located on the body bottom before the back bridge on the right.

At T-model the fuel pump is located separately, behind the main transfer of the back bridge, the fuel filter is before the back bridge at the left.

At removal of the fuel pump do not establish a clip on a bend of a fuel hose.

Fuel tank. The fuel tank is made of steel and located behind a back seat. At T-model it is located under the luggage compartment. Capacity of a tank depends on car model. So, at the car with a body the sedan it makes 65 l, at T-model – 70 l. From above a tank the fuel level sensor is located.

Fuel pump. The fuel pump with the electric drive gives fuel on the fuel highway from the fuel tank to the engine.
Fuel filter. The fuel filter for petrol engines is installed before direct injection of fuel in the combustion chamber. It purifies fuel of liquid and firm inclusions.
Absorber. The absorber with the activated coal filter catches the fuel vapors which are coming out the fuel tank. At the working engine of couple of fuel forcibly move from the coal filter in an inlet collector where mix up with fresh fuel mix.
Fuel-supply lines. Fuel-supply lines on which fuel from the fuel tank moves to the engine are made of strong material and supplied with the terminal or screwing-up collars. Pipelines of a supply and removal of fuel pass under the car bottom.