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7.2.1. Hydraulic drive of coupling

Fig. 6.1. Knots and details of coupling: 1 – the conducted disk; 2 – press disk; 3 – coupling switching off bearing; 4 – release clutch lever; 5 – bolt of fastening of a casing of coupling with a press disk

For the drive of coupling brake fluid is used. It is in the same tank, as liquid of the drive of brakes. The tank is divided into two cameras: one — for the brake system, another — for a coupling hydraulic actuator. These systems work separately so the leak in a hydraulic actuator of coupling does not exert impact on the brake system.

 The major knots and details of coupling
Engine flywheel. It is rigidly connected to a bent shaft. On all engines the so-called flywheel of dual weight is established.
The conducted disk 1 (fig. 6.1). It is put on a main shaft of the transmission. On both sides on a priklepana clutch plate frictional slips.
Casing of coupling with a press disk. In a casing of coupling there is press a disk which by means of a diaphragm spring presses a clutch plate to a flywheel. The casing of coupling with a press clutch plate is rigidly attached by bolts to a flywheel.
Coupling switching off bearing. When pressing a coupling pedal the hydraulic actuator presses the bearing of switching off of coupling to petals of a diaphragm spring. Thanks to it the clutch plate can freely rotate on primary to a transmission shaft, and torque transmission from the engine to the transmission is interrupted.
Main cylinder of coupling. Is near a coupling pedal axis, it is connected to a pedal the pushing rod. When pressing a coupling pedal the rod moves the piston connected to it into the main cylinder. In the cylinder pressure which is transferred on the hose attached to the cylinder to the working cylinder of coupling is created and moves the piston located in the working cylinder.
Working cylinder. It is established horizontally, sideways on a mechanical box of gear shifting and transfers effort when pressing a coupling pedal. The rod of the working cylinder moves forward and presses the release lever which sets the coupling switching off bearing in motion.