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7.3.2. Check of level of oil in a gear shifting box

In the transmission unlike the engine oil is not spent. Therefore in respect of scheduled works on THAT replacement of oil is not provided in a gear shifting box. Nevertheless, the level of oil can fall in case of a gear shifting box negermetichost. If at external survey on its case traces of leakages, everything is all right are not found. To make sure that oil level in a box of gear shifting is normal perform the following operations.

1. Install the car on supports in horizontal position or use the elevator.

Fig. 6.8. Check of level of oil in a mechanical box of gear shifting: 1 – stopper of a jellied and control opening; 2 – stopper of a drain opening

2. Remove protection of the engine for access to a maslozalivny stopper of 1 (fig. 6.8).
3. Turn out a stopper on a gear shifting box a key on 17 mm with an internal hexagon. This opening serves for check of level of oil, and also its filling.
4. If oil begins to follow at once, then its level is normal. Otherwise check oil level a finger — it has to be no more than 5 mm from the lower edge of a jellied opening. It is possible to use a piece of a wire which should be bent previously for this purpose.
5. If the level of oil is lower than 5 mm of rather lower edge of a jellied opening, then by means of a funnel and a hose or the oil syringe add the ordered ATF gearbox oil until it does not begin to follow from a jellied opening.