7.3. Mechanical box of gear shifting

Adjustment of the mechanism of switching
Check of level of oil in a gear shifting box
Check of tightness of the mechanical transmission

All Mercedes models of the E-class are serially equipped with the five-step mechanical transmission. In one and all modern mechanical transmissions of Mercedes-Benz kosozuby gear wheels are used — they are known for the long service life. If, nevertheless, the box of gear shifting failed, repair should be made on STOA. However even service stations, as a rule, send faulty transmissions to the specialized repair centers.

Difficulties with gear shifting
Problems with gear shifting can be connected both with malfunction of the transmission, and with wear of the mechanism of switching. In this case:
1. Consult at the skilled expert. For elimination of a malfunction removal, dismantling, repair or even replacement of a box of gear shifting can be required.
2. If transfers badly switch on the new car, the mistake can be the cause at assembly. A complaint has to be made during a warranty period.
3. The wrong installation of the mechanism of switching or wear of its fastening ahead on a box of gear shifting or behind at the switching lever is possible. You watch that the switching mechanism at the basis of the lever was always well greased.
4. If the switching lever is transferred to one of provisions much easier, perhaps, the corresponding draft unfastened.