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7.4.1. Principle of work of AKP

Fig. 6.11. AKP planetary mechanism: 1 – the given element; 2 – the blocked element

Basis of AKP is the so-called planetary mechanism. It consists of a cogwheel (a solar gear wheel) around which rotate three others gear wheels (satellites). The design is closed by an external cogwheel with an internal arrangement of teeth (a crown gear wheel). The way of connection of gear wheels is unique. In the planetary mechanism all gear wheels are in continuous gearing. Step transfer happens without rupture of a stream of torque thanks to blocking and inclusion of a free wheeling of satellites, solar and crown gear wheels (fig. 6.11).
Gear shifting, thus, happens without rupture of a stream of power. Blocking and start are carried out by multidisk brakes and friction clutches with a hydraulic actuator. On multistage AKP three planetary mechanisms are installed in a row. AKP with three lobbies and one back transfers is so arranged.