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7.5.1. Removal of the driveshaft

1. Lift the car and fix.
2. Remove the lower protection of the engine.
3. Not to break balancing of the driveshaft at the return assembly, mark its situation in the following places:

Fig. 6.16. Places of marking of the back driveshaft (arrow): 1 – back driveshaft; 2 – the sensor of frequency of turns on differential

– the provision of a flange of the driveshaft (fig. 6.16, shooters) concerning differential;
– position of the driveshaft, a damper and the disk hinge concerning a box of gear shifting and each other.
4. Remove a back part of system of production of the fulfilled gases.

Fig. 6.15. Details of cardan transfer: 1 – the aligning plug; 2, 10 – the elastic coupling; 3 – bolt, 45 N · m; 4 – forward shaft; 5 – the fixing nut; 6 – rubber cuff; 7 – bearing; 8 – bolt, 25 N · m; 9 – back shaft

5. Weaken a bolt 8 (see fig. 6.15) fastenings of the basic bearing 7, before it having marked situation.
6. Turn off a fastening bracket from the tunnel.
7. Remove protection over system of production of the fulfilled gases.
8. Weaken the fixing SW 41/42 nut on a movable part (forward and back) the driveshaft.
9. Unscrew the driveshaft from a gear shifting box flange so that the disk hinge remained on a shaft (SW 15 bolt head, SW 17 nut).
10. Weaken fastening of the driveshaft to a differential flange (three bolts of SW 15, SW 17 nut) so that the CV JOINT remained on a shaft.
11. In case of a shaft prikipaniye to a flange of differential release it weak blows.
12. Slightly shift together parts of the driveshaft and remove it from flanges.
13. A back part of a shaft leave hanging down down.
14. Turn off bolts of the 8th fastening of the basic bearing.
15. Take out the driveshaft from the central tunnel in the car bottom.
16. Press the aligning plugs 1 of couplings 2 and 10.
17. At the return installation of a cavity of plugs fill with universal lubricant.
18. At the return installation a forward shaft at first acquire on a gear shifting box flange, observing marking. For fixing use new nuts.
19. Establish, without turning up to the end, the basic bearing.
20. Observing marking, tighten a back shaft. Use the new self-stopped nuts, tighten their moment 45 N · m.
21. Tighten bolts of fastening of a forward shaft to a flange the moment of 25 N · m.
22. Tighten bolts of fastening of the basic bearing the moment of 25 N · m. Back wheels of the car have to be at the same time on the earth. If the back bridge is unloaded, it is possible to delay fastening only in case earlier the corresponding tags were put.

Fig. 6.17. Tightening of the fixing nut by Rozhkov SW 41 key. Observe the moment of an inhaling of 30-40 N · m, otherwise the driveshaft will hoot

23. Tighten the fixing SW 41/42 nut the moment of 30-40 N · m (fig. 6.17).

Noise in the driveshaft
Vibrations and buzz indicate a driveshaft imbalance, and lack of balancing plates on a shaft allows to conclude that balancing is broken. Both parts of a shaft are carefully balanced rather each other. Dismantling of the driveshaft without initial marking of a starting position breaks balancing.
The imbalance of the course is possible also because of breakage or a rupture of elastic disk hinges (CV JOINTS). Fragile fixing of the aligning plugs indicates wear of hinges. Expansion from development of fixing openings in flanges of a box of gear shifting and a reducer is also inadmissible.
The whistling sounds can be a consequence of the worn-out or failed basic bearing.
The scratch and gnash, as a rule, are a consequence of too big side play in connection of two parts of the driveshaft, or the aligning plugs have not enough lubricant.