7.5. Driveshaft

Removal of the driveshaft

Fig. 6.15. Details of cardan transfer: 1 – the aligning plug; 2, 10 – the elastic coupling; 3 – bolt, 45 N · m; 4 – forward shaft; 5 – the fixing nut; 6 – rubber cuff; 7 – bearing; 8 – bolt, 25 N · m; 9 – back shaft

The box of gear shifting is followed by the driveshaft. He transfers torque to the mechanism of the drive of back wheels (differential). The driveshaft passes on the center in the special tunnel in the bottom of the car and consists of two tubular shaft. The forward shaft of 4 (fig. 6.15) is connected to a gear shifting box by means of the elastic coupling 2. The back shaft 9 is connected to the leading gear wheel of the main transfer by the cardan hinge 10 (the hinge of equal angular speeds). Among themselves shaft are connected by the fixing nut 5, in the place of their connection the basic bearing 7 is installed. That during the work of a shaft there were no constant noise, the shaft is balanced.