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7.6.2. Check of level of oil in differential

In differential losses of oil because of leakage are also possible. If on the place of the parking of the car oil traces are regularly found, surely check its level in differential. If you pay attention to a condition of differential only at emergence of extraneous noises, replacement of all knot in most cases will be already necessary.

1. Lift the car on the elevator or establish on supports.

Fig. 6.18. Check of level of oil in differential: 1 – stopper of a drain opening; 2 – sensor of frequency of turns; 3 – stopper of a jellied opening; 4 – fastening of a shaft of the drive of a back wheel

2. Turn off a stopper of 3 (fig. 6.18) of a jellied opening with an internal hexagon (SW 14).
3. Level of oil has to reach the lower edge of a jellied opening. Otherwise add oil for gipoidny transmission of SAE 90 and establish the reason of falling of its level.