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7.7.4. Dismantling of a shaft of the drive and replacement of antisplash covers

1. Remove a shaft of the drive of back wheels.

Fig. 6.23. Turn off carving collars the screw-driver and replace on new of a repair kit of an antisplash cover

2. Remove a collar of an antisplash cover from the internal end of a shaft of the drive (fig. 6.23).
3. Bring down a protective cover from the hinge and remove it. In the same way uncover an antisplash cover on the other side of the hinge.
4. Pull together an antisplash cover and remove lubricant from the hinge.
5. Remove a spring lock ring.
6. Clamp a drive shaft in a vice and, evenly striking an internal ring of the hinge, bring down him from a shaft.
7. Now if necessary it is possible to replace an antisplash cover and the hinge. Remkomplekta to these details include new collars, a new spring lock ring and necessary amount of special lubricant which at assembly is plentifully applied on the hinge (100 g on the hinge).
8. Before the return installation of collars on an external ring of the hinge apply long-term sealant on their internal edges.