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8.1.2. Steering and active safety

The basic principles of a podressorivaniye and depreciation are invariable: twisted springs ahead and behind, gas shock-absorbers and the torsion stabilizers of cross stability of forward and back suspension brackets which are not only on the E200 model. On E-class cars, as before, springs with the big course of compression are used, but thanks to new control they work more rigidly, than for the previous model range. Therefore fluctuations of a body in turns and on the uneven road decrease, the povorachivayemost within all area of cross acceleration remains in the narrow, operated framework. This high standard of dynamics and active safety, however, does not go to damage to comfort. On the contrary: thanking for the first time to the gas shock-absorbers used on the E-class Mercedes cars with the double piston, the podressorivaniye and depreciation are ideally combined. Shock-absorbers have the degressive (decreasing) characteristic of work and provide exact compliance to the characteristic of damping.