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8.2.1. New steering

In a new design of steering there are no bipods, intermediate levers, a plate of rigidity and elements of fastening now. Steering drafts are connected to the steering mechanism without intermediate roundabout elements. Thanks to it not only installation is facilitated, but also weight decreases. The design provides correct and exact controllability. Thanks to fastening of steering to a stretcher through elastic elements transfer of roughnesses of a roadbed on a steering wheel so the new design, besides other advantages, increases also comfort considerably decreases. As the steering mechanism is located rather in an internal part of a stretcher, engineers of Mercedes developed a steering shaft with two cross hinges. They level some axial shift between the steering mechanism and a steering shaft, and also serve for decrease in fluctuations which are damped by the quencher of tortional fluctuations which is built in the first hinge. The second hinge with a crosspiece represents the shaking hinge that provides a possibility of individual adjustment of provision of a steering column on length and height which besides is supplied with the electric drive.