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8.3.1. A running gear of T-model with a body the versatile person

On T-model the same scheme of a suspension bracket is applied: dual cross levers in front and spatial levers behind. The proved design is only corrected taking into account the bigger mass and bigger loading capacity of the versatile person.
Podressorivaniye and depreciation on T-model received special control taking into account the increased weight. Therefore negative changes in comfortableness and road performance did not happen.
The back suspension bracket of T-model has difference in a stretcher which is made of metal details of bigger section. The back suspension bracket has also other settings.
Big loading capacity of T-model also entailed serial use of tires on it the increased dimension 205/65 R15 (at the sedan 195/65 R15) and disks of the size 7 I x 15 (at the sedan – 6,5 J x 15). On cars in a complete set of Avantgarde and on the E-420 model tires 215/55 R16 and the disks 7,5 J x 16 are used.
Brake disks on back wheels of T-model have diameter of 290 mm that is 12 mm more, than at the sedan. Thickness of a disk makes 12 mm (at the sedan – 9 mm).