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8.3.10. Check of the removed shock-absorbers

1. Remove the protective plug, rubber support and the remote plug from a rod.
2. Check a rod for existence of scratches and bends. The curved rod has to jam at compression.

Fig. 7.11. A suspension bracket of a forward wheel in a section: 1 – top cross lever; 2 – a rotary fist with the top spherical hinge; 3 – a tip of steering draft with the spherical hinge; 4 – shock-absorber; 5 – steering draft; 6 – twisted spring; 7 – stabilizer of cross stability

3. Gas and oil chambers in the shock-absorber 4 (fig. 7.11) are separated by the dividing piston. Check oil volume as follows: move a rod to the level of the dividing piston and measure a way of a rod. New shock-absorbers have a side play of 0-2 mm, value of a way of a rod for replacement – 20 mm.
4. Move a rod to the level established on the car, and release. At the same time there should not be clapping or hissing sounds.
5. Shock-absorbers can be replaced on one, but at the same time it is important to observe color marking. At old shock-absorbers pair replacement is recommended.