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8.3.11. Removal of a spring of a suspension bracket of a forward wheel

This work requires special tightening adaptation. The spring on the car is in the compressed state and has approximately quadruple preliminary compression. Therefore during the work danger of getting injured is high. Length of springs on all models is identical. But depending on type of a body and a complete set on them rubber support of various height are established, when replacing surely pay attention to it.

1. Install the car on supports.
2. Install tightening adaptation from three parties of a spring so that whenever possible all rounds were blocked.
3. Squeeze a spring until it cannot be removed from cups.
4. When replacing slowly unclench a spring and remove rubber support.
5. Before the return installation check wear of a rubber support, if necessary replace. For simplification of the return installation apply on support means for washing of ware.
6. Clear the lower cup on the cross lever, and also the top seat on a body.
7. Establish the compressed spring in the lower cup so that the end of a round entered gearing on a cup.
8. Slowly unclench a spring by means of tightening adaptation.
9. Check the clearness of landing of a spring in cups and lower the car.