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8.3.3. Check of installation of wheels

The correct installation of forward wheels defines controllability of the car both on the direct road, and in turns. Sharp arrival on a border can break suspension bracket geometry, for example. Wear of hinges and elastic rubber elements, and also nonprofessional repair negatively influence road performance. Check of installation of wheels has to take place on STOA where the special diagnostic stand is for this purpose used. However violation of geometry of a suspension bracket can be estimated and independently. For this purpose it is necessary that on forward wheels tires of one type and degree of wear of a protector were installed, in them there has to be an ordered pressure.

1. Pay attention whether spokes of a steering wheel at the rectilinear movement are symmetrized. Wheel shift in one of the parties indicates violation of control of a suspension bracket.
2. Check whether forward wheels in direct situation are symmetric on the relation to each other.
3. Establish whether the rectilinear movement on the flat road at the released steering wheel keeps the car or "takes away" it aside.
4. Check whether the steering wheel after turn independently comes back to a starting position.
5. Establish whether protectors of tires have uniform wear.