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8.3.4. Check of a condition of shock-absorbers

By the time of wear of two sets of tires efficiency of shock-absorbers makes only 50% of initial. In this state they should be replaced. Decrease in efficiency of shock-absorbers unconsciously compensates most of drivers by changes in management. Therefore it is necessary to carry out once a year exact diagnostics of these elements at the special stand. A rocking method when, having pressed from the relevant party a car wing, then sharply release, checking operation of shock-absorbers, does not replace diagnostics. In such a way it is possible to define only completely failed shock-absorber. Nevertheless, there are several signs indicating partial loss of their efficiency. Pay attention to the following items.

1. Fluctuations on a wheel can be the certificate that wheels have no continuous contact with the road.
2. Long fluctuations of a body at journey through roughnesses.
3. The "floating" behavior of the car when passing turns as the wheel of internal radius of turn nestles on the road insufficiently, and an external wheel unloads the shock-absorber insufficiently.
4. Uneven wear of tires.
5. The noticeable leakages of oil on a shock-absorber rack reaching the lower cup. Insignificant traces of oil are norm.
6. The extraneous roaring noise at the movement can also be a consequence of wear of the shock-absorber. In this case it is important to define a sound source precisely.

Principle of operation of the shock-absorber
In models of the E-class gas shock-absorbers with the double piston are installed. They have a number of advantages. The major — long service life. In view of continuous vertical fluctuations and the movement of a rod and the piston in ordinary shock-absorbers in working liquid bubbles which worsen characteristics are formed and lead to the fact that wheels jump up on road roughnesses. In gas Mercedes shock-absorbers pressure of gas suppresses formation of such bubbles even at high loadings.

Precautionary measures when carrying out independent works on a running gear and steering
1. Works on repair of a running gear and steering demand experience and often also special equipment. If you are not sure that you will be able independently to execute the corresponding repair, or have no necessary tool — work better to charge STOA. The damaged details of a suspension bracket it is impossible to govern or carry out their welding. As a rule, they are replaced.
2. During the works on repair of system of adjustment of clearance before opening of oil pipelines turn off the connecting bar conducting to the regulator, and install the lever in situation "plums". Otherwise there is a possibility of a trauma from the working liquid which is under high pressure.