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8.3.6. Check of antisplash covers and side play of the spherical hinge

Fig. 7.7. Spherical hinge: 1, 4 – the self-stopped nut; 2 – lower cross lever; 3 – antisplash cover; 5 – rotary fist; 6 – spherical hinge

Spherical hinges (on the right and at the left between the cross lever and the case of a nave) are installed in plastic inserts with long-term lubricant (fig. 7.7). Covers from plastic protect them from dirt and moisture. Spherical hinges do not demand service. The damaged antisplash cover means need of replacement of the hinge. Untimely detection of damage of an antisplash cover means premature replacement of the hinge which for the rest is not demanding service.

1. Turn out wheels against the stop in the relevant party.
2. Check an antisplash cover of the hinge on the right and at the left for existence of damages. At the same time it should be squeezed — it is so possible to find the hidden cracks.
3. The damaged antisplash cover cannot be replaced separately. The spherical hinge changes assembled.