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8.3.7. Check of a side play of the wheel bearing

In naves of forward wheels conic roller bearings, and in naves of back wheels — two-row ball are installed. They have long-term lubricant and are usually calculated on more than 100 000 km of a run. The damaged bearings are determined by characteristic noise at rotation of a wheel which becomes stronger in turns. It is often difficult to determine by a sound what bearing of an axis failed. Therefore whenever possible replace both.

1. Undertake in turn the wheels standing on the earth in the top part and try to shake them in the cross direction to the car.
2. At serviceable bearings practically there should not be a side play.
3. If the side play is present, ask the assistant to press a brake and once again shake a wheel. If the side play disappeared, then its reason — the stupichny bearing. If remained — check of a suspension bracket of a wheel is necessary.
4. The failed back stupichny bearings need to be replaced.