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8.3.8. Installation of a gap of the bearing of a forward nave

1. Install the car on supports and remove the corresponding forward wheel.

Fig. 7.8. Adjustment of the bearing of a forward nave: 1 – lock nut; 2 – pin of a rotary fist; 3 – nave cover

2. The screw-driver around hook a cover of 3 (fig. 7.8) of a nave and remove it.
3. Back establish a wheel on three bolts.
4. Wrap a lock nut of 1 nave before disappearance of an axial side play. At the same time it is necessary to turn a wheel. At the service station for this operation use the special indicator. An admissible axial side play of a nave – 0,01–0,02 mm.
5. Before the return installation of a cover of a nave check amount of high-temperature lubricant in it. It have to be filled approximately to the top edge. The used lubricant in a 150-gram tube has number according to the catalog 001 989 2351/10.
6. Napressuyte back a nave cover by means of a piece of a pipe of suitable diameter.
7. Establish a forward wheel and lower the car. Tighten wheel bolts the moment of 110 N · m.