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8.4.7. Check of antisplash covers of steering drafts

1. Turn out tips from steering drafts. At their otvorachivaniye consider turns that at the return installation to screw them on the same speed, otherwise installation of wheels will be broken.

Fig. 7.18. For removal of collars of an antisplash cover bite off with pincers uvulas (shooters). At assembly use new collars

2. Remove both collars holding an antisplash cover. For this purpose bite off with pincers uvulas of collars (fig. 7.18, shooters).
3. Pull together an antisplash cover from steering draft.
4. Before the return installation clear steering draft and slightly grease.
5. Pull an antisplash cover on steering draft, paying attention to that she precisely sat down in flutes of steering draft and the case of a gear lath and was not overwound. Otherwise protection will be incomplete.
6. Fix an antisplash cover by new collars.
7. Establish a tip and tighten a fastening nut the moment of 60 N · m.

Fig. 7.19. A steering wheel with NPB in a section: 1 – steering wheel; 2 – connection socket; 3 – the pyro with solid explosive; 4 – the put NPB

8. Check installation of wheels and steering. If necessary adjust at the station.

Steering wheel and inflatable safety cushion
Even for transportation and storage of the inflatable safety cushions (ISC) there are strict instructions as well as concerning a workplace where removal and installation is carried out them. The reason consists in a gas generator which in case of accident in fractions of a second puts the solid explosive which is contained in it in action and fills NPB (fig. 7.19). Because NPB falls under the law on explosives on production, at the NPB serial installation only specially trained personnel are involved, and on STOA mechanics on repair of NPB have special qualification. Considering told, we strongly recommend to refuse any independent repair of driver's and passenger NPB. It concerns also tuning works when, for example, the steering wheel gets off with a tree or skin. Work with NPB — anyway a task for STOA.

Measurements of the car
It is possible to achieve optimum road performance and the minimum wear of tires only at faultless adjustment of installation of wheels. Necessary measurements cannot be carried out without the special optical measuring equipment. Therefore for measurements of parameters of the car and geometry of a suspension bracket it is recommended to find special STOA. Such check is necessary in the following cases:
1. After large body works.
2. After repair of knots of forward and back suspension brackets.
3. At the increased and uneven wear of tires.
4. At insufficient stability of the car.