8.4. Steering

Hydraulic booster of steering
Check of a side play of steering
Check of level of working liquid of the hydraulic booster
Check of tightness of the hydraulic booster
Check of antisplash covers of a gear lath of steering
Replacement of tips of steering drafts
Check of antisplash covers of steering drafts
Possible malfunctions of steering, their reason and ways of elimination

Steering consists of a steering wheel, a steering shaft, the steering mechanism and steering drafts. The steering wheel is fixed on the helmsman to a shaft, two-piece and leading to the steering mechanism. Here by means of the tooth gearing rotation of a steering wheel is transferred to a gear lath.
Both ends of a lath are connected via spherical hinges to steering drafts. They transmit rotary effort through hinges of steering drafts and rotary fists to forward wheels.
As the additional equipment electric adjustment of provision of a steering wheel on length and height is offered.