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8.5.2. Information specified on the tire

Fig. 7.21. The data specified on a tire sidewall

Left column of signatures (fig. 7.21) (from top to down):
Control number ECE (the product is made taking into account the ESE standards).
Year and week of release (404 = the 40th week 1994).
The country – the producer.
"DOT" (Department of Transport, the Ministry of transport, the certificate of the standard on norms of the USA and Canada).
Designation of a profile.

Number "DOT" since 2000 four-digit. The two first figures mean week, two second — year.

Class on UTQG (works only in the USA).
Right column of signatures (from top to down):
Wear degree indicator (TWI = Tread Wear Indicator: specifies minimum admissible depth of a profile).
The instruction on a design of a framework and a cord.
Max. loading capacity.
Max. admissible pressure of air (only in the USA).
Tire width (175 mm).
Series 70 = relation of height and width of the tire = 70%.
Tire type: radial
R: radial tire
13 inches (diameter of a wheel)
Tubeless: tubeless
Loading capacity class
Class according to the high-speed characteristic (T)
The warning of security measures for the correct operation